Barefoot Wines: Adult Beverages and a Great Cause

A few weeks back with the now epic Sandy hit, I received an unexpected FedEx package from Barefoot Wines. It was an awesome delivery to get when trapped in the house with no heat, power, and really nothing to do.

Since they were so kind to send me the package, I thought it would be so kind of me to share one of the other amazing things Barefoot Wines happens to do- The Beach Rescue Program!

Image Courtesy of Barefoot Wines

On their website they state that their two passions are clean beaches and bare feet. Well, I can get down with that. I can also get down with the fact that this California company travels all over the US to clean up local beaches. In fact, they even hosted an Edgewater State Park beach clean up this past summer. Their goal? To keep beaches ‘barefoot friendly’. The best part (aside from the two tons of trash they’ve hauled away) is that each volunteer day ends with a group toast of delicious wine.

So bravo to you Barefoot- for sending me an awesome package and for giving back to Mother Nature. I know karma has been and will be paying you back big time.

In case you are curious, my favorite wine from the package was from their new line, Barefoot Refresh, the Crisp White, a blend of Chenin Blanc and Riesling. It’s perfect for a summer night, but since those will be on hold for a few months, it’s a great wine to have on hand for cooking. You know what they say- don’t cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink! Cheers.

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