Our New Home: The Living Room Redone

Today I’m ready to share with you another room of our new house! The living room, where we spend most of our time is also a room that will take some major time to complete. I like to think we’ve come MILES since we’ve moved in though. Here is the before:

Here is an ‘after’ shot on the panoramic setting on my iPhone 5.

We’ve painted, hung curtains and art work, and of course unpacked our things.

Some of the things that I can’t wait to work on:

  • See those crazy shadows cast on the walls/ceiling? Those are from our fan/light fixture, it features tempered glass coverings. I cannot wait to purchase a new ceiling fan/overhead light.
  • The carpet- yes, its very green still. We decided to wait to upgrade our flooring until after the puppy was potty trained. That day has finally come- and now we just need to allocate the budget to it. We will have hardwood floors throughout the main living spaces and a plush light colored carpet in the bedrooms. This room will also feature the cowhide rug we bought awhile back. 
  • A new sofa. We bought this awesome red leather couch when we lived in a small studio and it fit perfectly. Now we have a much bigger space and we are looking for the perfect sectional to fit it (most likely in a grey shade) This one will most likely be moved into the office.
  • Lastly, the floor lamp currently pictured will be tossed and replaced with a classic Arco lamp.

Since that list was full of negative nancies and big dollar wishes, here are some photos of things I do love in our living room as-is:

Our beautiful buck skull with antlers in tact. JPC’s father amazingly found this in the woods and was kind enough to gift us with it.

Our converted bookcase that became our bar cart. Our current kitchen (that we plan on remodeling) is quite small and there just isn’t room for our cocktail ingredients. They are now displayed neatly in the living room along with some key game pieces and photos on the top. Having the bar out and open does encourage more cocktail hours, but that is nothing to complain about.

Previously I shared our guest bathroom before and after, check it out if you missed it!

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