Stuff That Makes Me Squeal!

Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen! We are just one week away from Christmas Eve, so if you are still shopping for the ladies in your life, hopefully this post will help you with some ideas.

This week on Stuff That Makes Me Squeal: Fleece lined leggings, not to be confused with the post I wrote on fleece lined tights. Do you see a theme here? I’m a total freeze baby. Aside from those fleece lined tights, these are a great pant-like alternative. They are super cozy and super comfy.

This guys are price friendly too. $29.50 gets you a one-size-fits-most pair. I recommend picking a pair or two up! Check out the other colors at vFish Designs.

I’m sure you can all now guess my stance on the leggings as pants argument. This is America- I will wear the closest items to pajamas that I can out in public while looking semi-cute. I do try and wear a longer shirt so I’m not looking too bootylicious, but that’s probably another post.

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