Stuff That Makes Me Squeal: The Aeropress Coffee Maker

Happy Monday folks! How do we always seem to get here so quickly week after week? This edition of Stuff That Makes Me Squeal is all about coffee! It seems like my last few posts have been caffeine focused from my sexy new travel mug to my daily need for green tea. What can I say, a Jane of all trades needs her fuel!  I guess that I’m extremely swamped lately and need that extra edge 😉

So I bring you The AeroPress which is just about the most darn perfect way to brew a single cup of coffee. I need to thank and give all credit to  Rising Star Coffee for introducing me to the lovely contraption that is now apart of my daily routine (in addition to that routine- is always their coffee). When you just need one cup on the go its the perfect no mess and no electricity needed option. Its great for me since JPC doesn’t drink nearly as much coffee as I do and it means a fresh cup is always waiting. What’s your favorite way to make an at home brew?

Full Disclosure: Rising Star is a client of JPC’s, but regardless… I die for their beans 😉

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