In a past life I was an avid reader. Living in big cities it was easy to devour book after book on subway and bus rides. Commuting with a book always killed two birds with one stone- you could feed your brain and avoid eye contact and/or talking with strangers. Since moving to a city that puts me behind a wheel much more often than in a subway seat, my reading time has just gone down the pooper.

I hated that I was no longer a reader; so I put together a goal of reading 24 books in the new year as a part of my resolutions. Not too difficult of a task to hit. To make reaching my goal easier I decided to indulge myself by purchasing a Kindle. I blame part of my reading absence on the lack of a book store in my neighborhood and hope this can fix it.

The even better news? The Cleveland Public Library has an eBook sharing system, so from the comfort of my own home I can ‘borrow’ eBooks for up to 3 weeks per title. Now my kindle library is stocked up- just in time for a beach vacation where I hope to get *lots* of reading done.

I’ll be sure to post recaps of what I’m reading to hopefully inspire you to pick up a few books, and to keep me honest with my goal.

On that note- have you read any good books lately? Leave me a title or two in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to my queue.

I purchased the Kindle Paperwhite, it retails for $119.

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