STMMS: GiGi Face Strips

Hello beauty lovers! This week’s edition of Stuff That Makes Me Squeal features another long time standby- The GiGi Face Waxing Strips.

Sorry that face waxing isn’t exactly the most glamorous topic- but being ItalianĀ  (and pretty hairy if we’re being honest) a little upper lip wax has just become part of my routine.

These strips are great for ease and convenience. Unlikely waxes that you have to heat up, these are no mess and quick.

Unlike my brows, I feel no need to pay a salon $12 a pop to wax my lip when it’s pretty straight forward treatment every 2 or 3 weeks. Plus, doing it yourself means one less appointment to deal with on your calendar. The box also includes a small bottle of calming lotion to deal with any redness or inflammation that may occur from the waxing.

Do you at home wax? If so I’d love to hear about your favorite beauty supply product!

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