Stuff That Makes Me Squeal: Tweezerman Tweezers


This week’s post of STMMS also includes my first Vine (@blogthenewblack) I hope you enjoy it!

So, I guess I’m on a hair removal kick lately- or just extra appreciative of all my hair removal goodies. Last week I shared the GiGi face wax strips which work wonders and this week I want to share about my go-to tweezers, Tweezerman. I have unbelievable brand loyalty to this company and wouldn’t buy anything else.

Tweezerman Tweezers are an award-winning beauty product from In Style, Teen Vogue and others. They come with a lifetime guarentee and the company offers a free sharpening service. These bad boys grab my little hairs better than everything on the market and I recommend you pick a pair up today- they will cut your eyebrow plucking time in half! Pick them up here in a variety of colors for $12.

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