I’m admittedly late to the sneaker wedge craze, but I can’t get it out of my head. My girlfriends who know me, really know that I am never caught dead outside of the gym with sneakers on… they just aren’t my best look.

But a sneaker with a wedge? That is something this 5’3" girl can really sink her feet into.

To say my legs aren’t my favorite body part would be an understatement, so I love how these maximize on comfy and cool all while giving a slimming effect and adding length to your gams.

Do you own a pair of the wedge sneakers? My personal favorite is the top right nude and neon combo- for a cool $150 they may end up in my closet (and on the blog) very soon.

NIKE print shoes / NIKE white and black shoes, $135 / NIKE athletic shoes / NIKE colorful shoes / NIKE red athletic shoes, $130 / NIKE high top wedge

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