Introducing Our Newest Family Member!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve been seeing double Dobermans for the past few weeks. Our Doberman puppy, Petra has been going to doggy-daycare once a week for the past few months and LOVES it. She is so energetic and affectionate with people and other dogs. Because of her love for all things human and dog, JPC and I had been toying with the idea of getting another dog so she could have constant company.

Our doggy daycare, The Mutt Hutt, also happens to have a rescue shelter called Secondhand Mutts that fosters dogs until they can find a forever home. A beautiful red male Doberman came to them after being abused by his former owner. He was surrendered to a shelter severely underweight after being starved and kept outside in the cold. Secondhand Mutts scooped him up to help him find a forever family. We decided to try our hand at fostering him and to help him gain some weight back while getting socialized to a home environment. Well, we all fell in love with his sweet soul very quickly. He and Petra became best friends and I couldn’t believe how much love this dog had to give after having so many terrible things happen. He brightened our outlook on life so much that we couldn’t handle the idea of letting him go.

Well, I’m proud to share that on Friday, March 22nd John Paul and I officially adopted Huckleberry Finn and made him the 4th (and final!) member of our family. Seeing him and Petra play makes my heart swell. The fact that he is such a perfect cuddler doesn’t hurt either.

Rescues and Rescue owners always love to say ‘Who Rescued Who?’ and while cliche, it is so true. Huckleberry reminds me to be kind even when others are not and that wonderful second chances come around everyday, for everyone.

Welcome home Huckleberry Finn, I promise you’ll only live the best life moving forward.

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