The Dreaded Kitten Heel

A week or so ago I couldn’t help myself and tweeted this little nugget of negativity:

You see, I hate kitten heels. As a woman who will never achieve pencil thin gams there is nothing worse than a low heel. I would much rather wear flats then show the world my legs in a low heel with my calf muscle slightly bulging and my ankles looking, well, huge.

But it turns out my worst fear (cue first world problems) is coming true, kitten heels are back. I came across an article in The WSJ, The New Heels: Sweet and Low, and knew it was time to accept that this is one trend I don’t see myself embracing.

However, IF I had to pick a few to wear, these would be them:

Rock Start Kitten Heels

Valentino snake print shoes / Valentino ankle wrap heels / Valentino mid heels
Valentino can nearly do no wrong, so of course I’d be happy to where these.
Considering my tweet garnered quite the hilarious responses I’d love to know where you stand on this trend- yay or nay?

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