Stuff That Makes Me Squeal: The Perfect Scented Candle

There is something about the perfect smell when first walking through the doors of you home that lets you know you can just breath and relax, you’ve entered your happy safe place. To me, there is no better candle brand then Tocca, they are so understated and classy. I love the ritual of coming home and kicking off my shoes from a long day and lighting these candles- they are a little piece of everyday luxury. The candles have amazing burn time and the most decadent scents. I love having one burning in the entryway and the bathroom whenever I’m home.

Currently at my home we have the Colette Candela burning, a gift from my sister, that smells divine. What I love about these candles is that while the scents veer on the feminine side, JPC doesn’t complain about the house smelling ‘girlie’– to him it just smells good.

Another perfect standby, in my opinion, is the Tahiti. If you haven’t picked one up I hope you do, they are great gift for yourself or someone you love.

Happy Monday!

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