Stuff That Makes Me Squeal: A Drugstore Beauty Standby

It may seem a bit silly to profess love for something so simple and so regularly overlooked, but run of the mill, drugstore Vaseline has been a staple in my beauty bag and my medicine cabinet for the last 10 years.

So what do I do with the purest of pure petroleum jellies? Year round I use it as my go-to lip moisturizer. It’s wonderfully hydrating and adds a nice glisten to my lips. I don’t see myself as having particularly sensitive skin, but some chap sticks can feel weird or waxy on my lips, and that never happens when I use Vaseline. This stuff is also a great waterproof makeup remover- it isn’t too harsh and hydrates my lashes while it works it’s magic.

During the harsh winter months, if I’m having serious trouble keeping my face smooth and even I’ll slather this stuff all over my face before bed. While a sticky face full of Vaseline isn’t the sexiest bedtime look, it leaves me ready for a nice natural glow in the morning and helps my makeup go on much smoother. Oh, I can’t forget my cuticles- I’ll rub some goo on them and it helps patch them right up when my hands are looking a bit worn.

What can I say? You know that movie about the Greek dad and the Windex? Well that’s basically me with Vaseline. If you haven’t yet seen its wonder, pick a pack up- it’s cheap!

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