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I keep missing my chance to share that JPC bought me an amazing juicer for my birthday. It was such a generous gift and we use it nearly everyday to make delicious and healthy juices. I’m working up my courage to do my first at-home juice cleanse…and when that moment comes you can bet I’ll be sharing my experiences here.

On twitter yesterday I shared that I’ve been downing wellness shots every morning in an attempt to fight off the seasonal allergies that are really bringing down my game. I thought I’d share the recipe for this concoction and the inspiration behind it since so many people asked about it.


The first time I had a wellness shot was while JPC and I were on vacation in Portland with our close friends who are health food experts. We spent more than one meal at Prasad and they whip up plenty of these shots all day long. 

They are super easy to recreate at home and are only 3 ingredients. If you are looking to make one yourself you’ll need:

A juicer (we use the Omega Masticating Juicer)

1 lemon, peeled with the pith on

1- 1.5 inches of ginger

Powered cayenne pepper to sprinkle on the top

After its juiced, give a quick stir, pour it into a shot glass and drink immediately. 


These shots give an intense warm feeling throughout your face, chest and stomach. It soothes my sore throat on contact and afterwards I end up blowing all the guck out of my nose (sorry, TMI).  I wont take one everyday, but it’s a great pick me up when you’re sick or just feeling a bit run down. I also follow each shot with plenty of water.

If you’re into juicing or natural remedies I’d love for you to leave a comment sharing some of your favorite ways to doctor yourself up!

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