The Mane Choice

I can be obsessive when it comes to the hunt for the perfect hair products, it’s no secret.

Well, my boyfriend’s mother gifted me with this amazing coconut oil from Hawaii, one of her favorite places to vacation. At first I was using it as a body oil, since it’s lightly scented with gardenia it makes for a great perfume and moisturizer. It’s completely organic and just divine.

Over the holiday weekend I was catching up on some magazine reading and read an article in Elle about proper hair care and treating our hair with the same regimen and maintenance that we treat our skin. The article recommended coconut oil hair masks as great treatment to prevent hair from drying out. Apparently the oil in coconut oil helps keep hair protected from the damage that hair constantly goes through fromĀ  being wet and then dry again.

Obviously, I took that opportunity to take an Epsom salt bath and give my hair a nice and long oil soak. I slathered the stuff throughout my hair and let it sit for 40 minutes before shampooing as normal. I skipped my usual condition treatment, fearful it would leave my hair too greasy. After a quick blow dry my hair was transformed. It was as soft and smooth as it is typically right after a hair cut and needed very little maintenance. My blow out the next day still looked great and I had no need to use any hot tools on it to keep it looking polished. A great treat and treatment for your hair once a month. Pick up a bottle of the Maui Natural Organics here for only $15 – your hair will thank you!

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