French Beauty Must Haves

Happy Monday beauty lovers! I hope the weekend treated you well! Real life has been a bit busy lately, but I needed to share my newest beauty obsession with you – it just wouldn’t be fair to keep it to myself!

Bethany from Votre Vu was kind enough to reach out about some of the top products from this French skincare line that just recently opened their market to Cleveland. Of course, I was thrilled to try out whatever she had to offer. After all, the French are beauty experts. She sent me a few different things to try, but what really stuck was the Eiffel Power Mascara (hello, cutest name ever!) and the Tarte D’amande Luxe Hand Créme.

French Beauty Must Haves

Now, if there is one thing I know it’s mascara. If I was trapped on a desert island and I was only allowed one beauty product, it would be mascara – if SPF wasn’t already included in the first aid kit 😉

This mascara is touted to be lengthening and fortifying. Now, I feel quite a few brands claim that their mascaras will improve your natural lashes, but I never believe it because really, what good would that do for their sales?
However, this past weekend I was sans makeup at brunch with my girlfriend and she asked if I had LASH EXTENSIONS put on. I was shocked to hear it! I’ve been using the mascara diligently for a bit over a week and could only attribute the length to the Eiffel Power.

My second favorite product in the line up – the hand cream. I’m a hand cream freak (convinced I can keep off signs of aging with enough moisture) and this product is perfect. It smells deliciously like dessert without smelling like a stripper and is non-greasy (also the opposite of a stripper? who knows) so you don’t have to worry about getting a mess on your clothes.

Like I mentioned, Votre Vu is new in the Cleveland area, so if you are looking to shop online you can do so here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Bethany with any questions or comments before you purchase – you can reach her via email here.

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