Life Lately

I’m just going to be honest, life lately has been quite busy and quite stressful. I don’t mean to be dramatic or complain, but life has just been a little stifling as of late. Everyone has these types of days, weeks, months and now I’m having my own moment. It’s why I haven’t been too active here on the blog.

Stress tends to extinguish my creativity. Not to mention that I’ve been putting it extra screen time at the office, so when it comes time to come home and blog it seems like more of a chore than outlet.

In an effort to brighten things up here and brighten up Monday I thought I’d share some pieces of life lately that aren’t stressful and just perfect.

Like celebrating some great friends and their beautiful love at their wedding

Friday dinners with friends, capped off with some beers and pinball games

Last but not least, enjoying the lake with my man and our pups on our long walks in our BEAUTIFUL neighborhood. Can you believe this is my park?!?!

What makes you perk up in your life lately?

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