TopHatter – iPad Fashion Auction App

Do you love eBay but hate waiting and waiting for your auction item? To bid, to win, to lose… it can be a pain when you’re as busy as most people today.


Tophatter, a virtual auction house with auction times of only 90 seconds long, just launched their iPad application for bidding on the go. I had the pleasure of skyping with Ashvin Kumar, the CEO of the company, and was able to get a preview.

Tophatter is super easy to use and has a direct focus on fashion + beauty. There are endless options for handbags, makeup and nail polish. Because all auctions are only 2 minutes long, you have the ability to chat in real time with the person selling the item to answer any questions you have before deciding to buy.

Each buyer and seller is assigned an avatar and all bidding takes place in a cartoon world. It’s much different from eBay – in the user interface and in the sense that it’s auctions on speed. These 90 second auctions take place around the clock – so whenever you feel the need to spend, you can.


Sign up for free online here or check them out in the app store! If you’re already using TopHatter leave me a comment – I’d love to know what types of deals you’ve already scored 🙂

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