What I Read: August 2013

I met my August goal of two books for the month and read two very different but amazing books. If you’re looking for some reads to add your list, I’d recommend both! 


The Good Nurse, Charles Graeber 

This based on a true story book is absolutely terrifying. What do you do when the medical professionals we trust to save us are actually out to kill us? This book takes a deep and dark look into one nurse, Charlie Cullen, who is believed to have killed hundreds of his patients – right before their families and other hospital staff members. The story is written as a true page turner, with details so descriptive, I couldn’t put it down. While completely creepy, it gave a very intimate look into Charlie’s personal life in regards to his family, his marriage and his friends. The story also takes you through his arrest, and that in itself is an unbelievable story of red tape and legal bullshit. Buy it here.


Sarah’s Key, Tatiana de Rosnay 

I was given this book by my cousin’s new wife as a gift for doing a reading in their wedding and wasn’t familiar with the title. She told me it was one of her favorite books and I had to agree – I flew through the story in just a few days, NEEDING to know what happened after each chapter. The story takes place in France during World War II as well as modern day France. The two protagonists – a young Jewish girl sent to the concentration camps and an American journalist living in Paris switch back and forth between paragraphs. Both lead extraordinary lives and their stories are captivating. If you enjoy reading for pleasure but are also interested in European history this is a great book. Without spoiling the story, it has a phenomenal ending. Buy it here. 

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