The Perfect Little Black Dress

It took a wedding season that consisted of 7 weddings for me to realize my closet was missing one heck of a staple – the little black dress. How could I survive the rehearsal dinners and receptions without one? A more serious question, how have I gone 27 years without my very own staple LBD?

Well, my first real wedding season was enough to get me to pull the plug on an Hervé Léger bandage dress. I have to say, for years I’ve had a general inclination to avoid these mummy wrapped cocktail dresses, because…well, Kim Kardashian (pre-pregnancy, of course). BUT then I realized, who am I kidding – Kim Kardashian is HOT and I want to look smokin hot too.

So, the Outnet has a nice little Hervé sale going on (half off) – and I posted my top picks for advice, ordered one up and have been in love ever since.

I know $500 is alot of money to drop on one dress, but I really mean it when I say I’m in love. It fits amazingly well, and being black I’ll get my cost per wear down to nearly nothing. I’m actually looking for another color/style to invest in since it’s so versatile and comfortable.

Do you have a designer piece that caught you by surprise? I’d love to know what else I’ve been missing 😉

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