What I Read: September

I went book crazy in September. I have no idea how I had so much time on my hands to read – but read I did. I crushed my 2 book reading goal. My close friend and college roommate used to call it ‘going to book world’ where I would just close up from real life and devour books for weeks at a time. I guess this was a steal from that time.


Wave, Sonali Deraniyagala

A memoir on the Tsunami that wiped out her entire family. Sonali chronicles the loss of her husband, two children and parents on holiday. I had to read this story in a day without stopping because I couldn’t bare the thought of revisiting this book. While it’s a story I needed to know, it’s not one that I wanted to come back to, ever. Her writing is heartbreaking. There is no other word for it. But she is brutally honest, letting readers into the deepest darkest emotions most can only imagine.

The book will give you chills, read it. Her story deserves to be heard. Read it here.


Lay the Favorite, Beth Raymer

I read this book because it was being turned into a film and I always read the book first. It was awesome. Gambling, porn, money and a wild lifestyle? Sign me up… I mean… let me read all about it. A great rough and tumble memoir about life as an outsider. Beth gives great insight to a very secretive and strange world. I love stories with female protagonists doing very atypical things. Beth owns it in a man’s world. Definitely read it. Read it here.


Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan

I lived in Asia and loved it, so anything I can read that is related to Asian pop-culture I will instantly sign up for. This book was fun and quirky and seriously focused on some new money Asian stereotypes. It was good – it was light and fun. If you are Asian or have lived in Asian you’ll definitely see some parallels in this little drama. If you love reading about black AMEX cards and private jets you’ll enjoy it too 😉 Read it here.


Wife 22, Melanie Gideon

A middle aged couple that’s unhappy in their marriage. Not exactly shocking stuff here. But the book focuses on the bored/unhappy wife’s online affair via email and Facebook… a bit of a modern twist. It was enough to keep my attention. I wanted to know -would she or wouldn’t she cheat?! You’ll have to find out for yourself. Read it here.


The Bag Lady Chronicles, Alexandra Penney

Apparently there is a real live bag lady complex many successful woman experience. I know I have a very strange money obsession and worry constantly about being broke (but that’s neither here nor there). Alexandra Penney was never actually a bag lady. But she was a wife, artist, editor in chief of Self Magazine and victim of the Madoff scandal. She spends her life terrified of losing it all and pushing a cart full of crap around the streets. While sometimes it’s hard to feel bad for her white-whine, she is self deprecating and funny. She also reminds you that hard work trumps all – even after an asshole steals your savings. It’s a quick and easy read. Read it here.

What are you reading this month? What should I add to my list?

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