Five Must-Have Bags For Fall 2013

Accessorize your Look this Winter

Fashion is cyclical and that includes accessories and bags, too. As I  stroll around town I always notice a few styles of handbags that are similar to the previous designs of the earlier fashion eras. This fall, apart from mixing and matching the right clothes, pump up your look with the right handbag designs that will not go out of style. In this post, I’ll highlight the top handbag designs that are still apparent today.

Top-Handle Satchels 


I love satchels. They’re structured yet dainty and just the perfect size for a lady’s essentials. Consider light colored satchels to bring a vibrant appearance on your overall look. It’s the perfect color to match your sun dress.

Luxe Duffles


If the weekend were a bag, it would be a duffle. It’s big enough for an overnight and just small to bring our regular makeup and items. You definitely need one for those accidental Saturday sleepovers. The perfect one I’ve found, so far, is the Double Handle Detachable Strap Holdall by Marks & Spencer. This provides ample of space to place any important items that girls would love to carry daily. It works well as a gym bag, too.

Oversized Portfolios


The portfolio is inspired by the gentleman’s “bag” for the casual office. The feminine touch has downsized the glorified leather folder into a thin, single-pocket handbag. It’s just the right size for a lady to turn it into their everyday kit. Narciso Rodriguez and Lanvin do it simple and timeless.

Office Totes


Philip Lim’s tote has been on my mind ever since I featured in on the blog and I feel that totes are still just as strong in later in the season. This one’s simple, ladies, get it in black. Go for soft textures and classic detailing to add elegance.

Fur Bags


A fur coat could be a bit much for some to pull off. I like to channel the chic into a handbag, too. With this one, you could have it in any style you want. And for the sake of the animal, it’s friendlier to go faux. Ralph Lauren opt to go with the androgynous drawstring bag. Try the furry bags this autumn and you can even pull it off until the holidays.

Do you have other handbag styles that I should have included?

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