Scrubs: Head to Toe!

When I think about winter in the north the first thing that comes to mind is seasonal depression, the 2nd thing that comes to mind is dry, ashy flaky skin. Until JPC gives up the ship, I’ll have to deal with both. However, don’t let that assume I’ll never live my life out as a faux-Latina in Miami… those days are coming, they just might take a little longer to see. In the meantime, let’s talk about scrubs.Scrubs are muy importante in the cold weather – below are my top 3 from head to toe:


Eraclea’s Daily Bamboo Exfoliant: This exfoliant is on-the-spot for your face. With face scrubs, I’m always very hesitant to commit because cheaply made products can be too abrasive on your face. This product is so gentle, but very effective. I can feel the difference immediately when I’m applying my moisturizer and my foundation. The product is very light but does the job. I have especially sensitive skin and this does not agitate it in the least. This is a scrub that can be used several times a week with no worries. Buy it online here.


SW Basics of Brooklyn Body Scrub: I will whole-hardheartedly admit that I bought this scrub because US Weekly told me how much Gweneth Paltrow loves it. I’m a sucker for tabloid news, what can I say? Anyway, the product is beautifully packaged, affordable and organic. It smells DIVINE and the fat kid deep inside me thinks about eating it every time I use it. Pick it up online here.


True Blue Spa’s Toe The Line: Let’s take a minute for some deep and serious honestly. I have mother effen’ dragons feet. Without regular pedicures, foot scrubs and moisturizers I would be a nightmare. This is a easy staple you’ll always find in my shower. The crushed walnuts are boss enough to the job even on my hooves. Enjoy! Get it here.

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