Why I’ll Never Buy Another Pair of Designer Jeans

Guys. I’ve been a slave to designer denim since I was old enough to get my own credit card. For some reason, designer jeans always seemed like such a simple justification – expensive but not so much so that I couldn’t have them.

For those who’ve been reading for a while now, you’ll also know I’m fairly self conscious about my legs – so buying expensive jeans seemed to give me some self-assurance that I was ‘buying the best’ which would then make me look the best.


Well, this past Black Friday I popped into Old Navy for the 50% off sale and in a fit of buying EVERYTHING I also picked up a pair of the Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans and I haven’t looked back. I wore them for 5 days straight.


After realizing there would never be another pair of jeans for me – I jumped online and ordered two more pairs. Old Navy almost always has a sale (I got all of mine for under $20 a pair) and even at the $35 full price, they are worth it. The jeans are snug and will hold everything in place, but are also stretchy enough that you don’t feel too stuffed into them. Buy them, and then email me to thank me profusely for turning you on to these bad boys.

Also, that flannel was another total gem from my thrift store grabs – $4 with a full price tag of $24.99, still attached. BOOM!

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