Warby Parker Delivery!

I’ve been having some nasty headaches lately, so I knew I must have been overdue for an appointment with the eye doctor. Well, last week I went for a visit and was told my Rx was much worse than my current contacts and glasses. Basically I’ve been working/driving/living slightly blind…for sometime.

Some new contacts and I’m feeling great, but it also meant some new spectacle upgrades! So, I leave it to you internet – I ordered my 5 ‘at home try-on pairs’ from Warby Parker.

In the box we have: (L to R) Chamberlain, Welty, Preston, Finn and Holcomb.

On my face we have: Holcomb, Finn, Preston, Welty and Chamberlain.

I have my favorites, but I wanted to leave it to you internet! What frames should I buy??

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