What I Read: January 2014

I’ve come full circle with my book reviews – I started last January and have kept up with my leisurely reading. This month I only read one book, a book on detoxing and building a more beautiful you from the inside out – how fitting for a month dedicated to change and resolutions! 


The Beauty Detox Foods, Kimberly Snyder

This book is an easy read chock full of awesome recipes and suggestions. I really do believe most (if not all) of what Kim says. She’s a dietician and works with many celebrities with great bodies, skin, and hair. If you’re curious about how foods can age and harm you and you’re looking to make better choices (and understand why those choices are better) this is a great book for education.

My only issue – which is my issue with most of these books/diets are the scare tactics. It’s easy to feel like everything you eat is wrong or bad or can hurt you in some way. To a degree – it gives me anxiety and really makes me feel like I can’t enjoy food. I don’t ever want to feel that way. So I try and take it with a grain of salt.

Is it ridiculous of me to say that reading this stuff sometimes makes me feel like an easy out for an eating disorder? Oh I can’t eat that – it has x,y, and z and will poison me! So I won’t eat anything (or just a few fruits and vegetables)….and I’ll be thin and beautiful and healthy. 

I’ll never live my life with 100% clean eating – but I will always try to eat for my health more often than not and this book offers great tips to get started down that path. Buy it here.

Familiar with Kim Snyder? What do you think?

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