Shopping Subscription Services – What’s the Deal?

Let’s talk about The Mints: ShoeMint, StyleMint, IntiMint. Aside from this goliath I can’t leave out Sole Society (one of my favorites on Pinterest). I LOVE everything that pops into my email from ShoeMint, but I think it’s weird to subscribe to shop. 

In an ideal world (one that I’m not obsessing over my bank account) I’d LOVE to buy a new pair of shoes every single month. Hello, I LOVE shoes. That aside, I feel like I’d be riding a dangerous line with access to something that says buy me or don’t forget to waive me each and every month. Am I playing with fire by giving myself another reminder each month to waive or buy? 

Here are some of my current cravings from ShoeMint:

ShoeMint Cravings

Do you use any shopping subscriptions like this? I’d love to know how it goes and if you have any self control over NOT buying something from each showroom 😉 

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