Traveling Asia? Don’t forget a stop in Seoul

While in NYC I was able to catch up with some girlfriends I met when living around in Seoul, South Korea. We had a lunch in K-Town and spent hours reminiscing on our time in Asia. I thought it’d be fitting to offer some advice on travel to one of my favorite destinations. Seoul is a HUGE city of around 15 million people – it’s the most bustling city I’ve ever had the pleasure of living in. I highly recommend taking a visit. 
From the moment you touch down at Incheon Airport visitors are greeted with the most insane shopping I’ve ever seen. The airport holds multiple stores for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Burberry – just to name a few. High end shopping is a plenty, but budget options are also all over the place. I still have tons of clothes, shoes and accessories that I picked up in subway stations while running around the city. Some of my favorite pieces were snagged for the equivalent of $20 USD. 
Korean food is fantastic – full of spice and flavor. If you haven’t ever had a Korean meal I recommend finding a reputable local Korean restaurant where ever you live. BBQ is a huge staple and kimchi is healthy and delicious. Koreans have a dish for every ailment and every celebration. For any foodie, it’s a dream come true. Since coming home, I’ve made it a regular staple of my diet…even venturing to cook a few things myself.
Korean’s have some of the best work-hard/play-hard mentalities I’ve ever spent time with. Their main export of music, K-Pop is a huge sensation and the groups are irresistible. Nightclubs and bars in Seoul literally don’t close until every single person is ready to go home. I’ve walked into a nightclub and night and finally left when the sun is already up the next day. If you’re looking to party, the clubs are the best part. Check out this list of must visit locales
The Paradise Casino Walker Hill is the biggest casino in South Korea. Modeled after Vegas casinos, the Paradise Casino Walker Hill is found in the South Korean capital of Seoul. Gamblers can expect to find table games with a variety of limits to please just about any gambler. Do not expect to meet local residents here as they are not permitted to gamble in the casinos. 
Ever spent time in Seoul? If so, I’d love a comment hearing your favorite things to do! 
Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, all opinions and travel advice are my own

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