Running For The Finish

Guys. I’m two years until 30. In an effort to not squander what’s left of my youth, I’ve decided to take some serious measures. I’m going to run my first half marathon. I don’t even like to run all that much, and now I’m going to do it all the time. CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW CRAZY I AM? 


But seriously, in an effort to look like this or this when I’m old – I know I have to step it up. So, I’m running the Cleveland Rite Aid Half Marathon on May 18th. YAY? YAY! 

I have about 80 days until the gun fires and I’m already behind my training schedule. Again, CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW CRAZY I AM? 

I’m using the Hal Higdon training schedule, recommended by my coworkers who’ve handled the 13.1 miles before. Does anyone else have any training tips? If you’re in the CLE area, I’d love to link up and get a running buddy or two!

I’ll be recapping some workouts and my progress here. I hope you’ll help cheer me on! Honestly, this blog post is what finally forced me to commit. See you on the road 😉

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