Half Marathon Training – Week 1

Alright guys – Week 1 is in the books and today is my ‘rest day’.

I figured I’d give a brief update on how training is going now that my life is consumed by running (and more running). Since Sunday is a rest day and I don’t have to run – I have no idea what to do with myself, so… I’ll blog!

Until May 18th – this is where you can expect to see a weekly update on my progress and thoughts. Again, I’m using the Hal Higdon method and I’m already 2 weeks behind, so it will be interesting on how I make up that missed mileage before the big day.

So, here’s what we’re working with:

Monday/Tuesday: ?? can’t remember if I ran 2.5 on Monday or on Tuesday. Either way, it was only one of the days. I was suppose to run 3 miles, but miscalculated my distance and ran a really difficult 2.5 miles. I realized just how difficult it was for me since I *thought* I ran 3 miles. It was cold and my body hated me. The dogs however, loved it.

Wednesday: It snowed and I ran my intervals (about 1.6 miles) on the snowy sidewalks. It was hard. Running in the snow is like running on sand – who knew? Also, I was called ’a white girl with a dog sled team’ and cheered on by a flavorful neighbor. Again, the dogs loved it.

Thursday: JPC and I woke up and hit a 45 minute spin class at 6am. SUCCESS. We did arm weights to Rod Stewart – can you ask for anything more awesome as a kick off to your day?

Friday: I was suppose to wake up and run 3 miles before work. It was 1 degree outside. Instead I went back to bed. WHOOPS. I guess I need to get that gym membership since winter JUST WON’T LET UP. I did not run my miles at all, bad half-marathon trainer.

Saturday: I got up and ran my 4 miles with a pretty decent hangover. The weather was a balmy 35 degrees, the sun was shining and the pups were pleased. We ran steady 10 minute miles. I kicked my hangover and finished feeling awesome – the dogs slept for the rest of the day.

Sunday: (today!) Rest day! Whoopie! I laid around and read food magazines and plan to make this:

Because hello – I need to replace all these lost calories somehow 😉

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