Half Marathon Training – Week 2

If you’re still here reading about my half marathon training…thank you, we have 10 weeks left of these recaps. You can catch up on week 1 here. How is it possible that 10 weeks seems like forever but also way too soon to actually run 13.1 miles? I’m a wreck. Let’s recap the week!

Monday: I went to a gym to run my 3 miles… I walked in the door and they were serving pizza. FOR PIZZA MONDAYS. WTF IS THIS?! It took everything in my to get on that treadmill and run 3 miles and not eat pizza. I felt like not eating the pizza was accomplishment enough. I then STRUGGLED through those 3 miles while watching the treadmill time slowly tick by. When I got home I took my shoe off and my sock was totally bloody. I freaked, took a shower and went to inspect my exercise-induced wound. ONLY I COULDN’T FIND THE SOURCE. Mystery blood is no way to start off the week. 

Tuesday: I went to a body pump class… at another gym. This time – no pizza. Only free weights…which made me feel like a bro. The workout was HARD, I was invited  by my girlfriend and we rocked the weights to a lot of club music. I’m only doing yoga on my ‘stretch and strength’ days from now on. 

Wednesday: Back to the Pizza Gym. I joined as a member – it’s $10 a month…. I’ll just have to avoid the pizza. This run was MUCH better. A tempo run that was a breeze. I drank a cup of coffee before hand and stared at hot models in a magazine… boom, motivation.

Thursday: I ran my 3 miles outside…because it warmed up to a balmy 34 degrees. JP came with me and I was excited for a fun couple run. .25 of a mile from our house I ate shit on a HUGE piece of black ice, sliding for what felt like forever. He told me I went down gracefully (duh). At least I ran the rest of the way home – freezing, looking like i peed my pants.

Friday: I had an early client meeting downtown and an after work event right at 6pm – and just like last Friday, I skipped my workout. WHOOPS. I promise I won’t do it again – but standing for 3 hours in heels is a work out too, you know?!

Saturday: Long run day success! 4 miles down, it was early enough before the snow that I had a chilly but picturesque run down to the Westside Market and through St. Ignatius’s campus. The dogs slept the rest of the day (win!)

Sunday: Rest day was amazing. I literally spent the whole day in bed with the dogs. I only ate pizza and watched the entire first season of The Carrie Diaries on Netflix (because I’m secretly 12 years old). BOOM! 

Are you training? Tell me about your week. 

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