How To: The Perfect Red Pout


Rocking a shade of red, or any bold shade for that matter, always gives me an instant pick me up! There is no easier way to add punch then with a sassy pout. Below are a few quick and easy tips to make sure you prep and set your lipstick appropriately! 


1. Exfoliate

This is an easy, but often overlook stepped that really helps take your lip game the extra mile. There is NOTHING more gross than seeing a woman with flaky and cakey lipstick on her chapped lips. So, you can use an old toothbrush and move in small circles over your lips while the bristles are dry, or you can create a homemade sugar scrub, like this one from Homemade for Elle


2. Hydrate

Now that you’ve sloshed off all the dead skin, it’s time to recondition and hydrate. My go-to? Vaseline, you can read all about my undying love for this nifty little jar here

3. Use a Primer

This is a new step for me, but I was sent some lip plumper/primer to try and since using it I’ve really noticed the staying power in my lipstick. It helps set it for a long, long time. Sometimes even after I wash it all off there is still a slight stain from the color. 


4. Apply with a Brush 

Last but not least, if you want the most perfectly applied pout, don’t use the stick as your applicator. Use a small lip brush to get into all your little creases and to give the cleanest lines possible around your mouth so you aren’t wearing a super dark shade with shaky edges (this will make you look like a grandma). Voila! You’re all set for lips with all day staying power! 


PS – I’m wearing Mac in Russian Red in case you wanted to know. It’s my FAVORITE red! 

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