Half Marathon Training – Week 3

Week three is in the books! Yahoo! it feels good to know I’ve been at work on this for 21 days…isn’t that how long it takes to build a habit? Or something like that… anyway! Yay! Let’s recap it shall we?

Monday: I ran outside with the dogs, was suppose to do 3.5 and kicked out 3.72… HELLO, I’M A RUNNING OVERACHIEVER!! Kidding, of course, but it was a good run and it was light out the whole time and that means Spring soon…right? 

Tuesday: My S&S day consisted of yoga at the house and it was glorioussss. I love it more than anything and really miss having the opportunity to practice as much as I like with the new schedule.

Wednesday: I woke up my butt up early pre-snowstorm and hit the treadmill at the Pizza Gym for some speed training..or internal training.. or whatever it’s called. I busted out 6×400’s at 6.2mph. It was fun and easy and the time flew by! 

Thursday: Back at the Pizza Gym because of the stupid Storm Vulcan or whatever we’re calling it. Ran a boring three miles while listening to a shitty ‘pre-party’ mix on Spotify. I really can’t wait for it to be warm for outdoor runs all the time. 

Friday: I got a seat in my favorite spin class – rocked out a 45 minute ride that was amazeballs…showered AND picked up a dozen bagels for my coworkers so we could commit carbicide together. I’d say I did all the things before 8:45am, and that is freaking empowering. 


Saturday: In order to help push me through some of my long runs, I knew it would be important to sign up for some baby races along the way. Cue the St. Malachi 5 Miler! I was lucky enough to run with JPC, my boss, and 2 of my amazing coworkers. I PR’d my first race – coming in at 49:39 minutes – I couldn’t believe that I was seeing results from training. Hell, I couldn’t believe it worked at all. We then spent the ENTIRE day drinking hundreds of beers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and I cancelled out any positives for the day. Let’s be real – come Sunday morning I was deep in the negative. I did run into my Aunt while out downtown and that was great! It was a super fun day and the race itself felt great, even with some steep hills!

Total mileage for the week: 13.72 or you know, just about how far I’ll run on May 18th. <cue panic>

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