What I Wore: My $800 Target Blouse

At this point, the Peter Pilotto for Target collection came out ages ago – in Internet time anyway 😉 I blogged about all the things I couldn’t wait to sweep up from the collection in eager anticipation. 


Well, from that moment, let’s fast forward to the day of the collection release – February 9th (which also happens to be my bestie’s birthday, Hi Jen!) I wake up, and it’s a FREAKIN BLIZZARD, shocking for this winter, I know… 


Well, I jump in my sweats at 8:00am and hustle my butt on over to my local Target… READY TO BUY EVERYTHING, because…it’s my birthday month! However, the universe had a very different plan for me.

Remember when I mentioned there was a blizzard? Well, I happened to slide right on through a red light (JUST OUTSIDE OF TARGET, so close!) and t-boned a car coming in the other direction. I wouldn’t be sharing this or making light of it if it was a terrible accident, it wasn’t – everyone was fine and we could both drive our cars home… but I still got hit with two tickets from my local friendly police officer.


Well, long story short – after a $500 deductible from my insurance and $300 in court costs to make sure I didn’t get any points on my license… I ended up with one very expensive blouse from Target. Because like I mentioned, the universe had other plans for me and this was the ONLY thing from the Peter Pilotto collection that my Target had in stock that I had on my ‘must buy list’.. le sigh… 

Oh yeah, did I mention after being released by the officer I popped right over to Target? I mean hey, I was practically already there….

So there you have it… my $834.99 blouse. I hope you like it 😉 

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