Half Marathon Training – Week 4

Hey guys– just popping in for my weekly half-marathon training recap. I’m sure you can guess how this will go – I’ll tell you I ran a lot and hated it (hopefully) a little less than the week prior.

Well, you’re right. All of that is true. I’ll spare you a detailed breakdown of each day and just recap with a few fine points:

1. I’m treating my training the same way that an alcoholic working the step program lives life – one day at a time. When I’m running I take it a step further – one mile at a time. While I throw serious hissy fits before every run, so far it’s working. What’s crazier – is once I actually get out there, I pretty much stop feeling that way and ACTUALLY ENJOY IT. 


2. I literally wouldn’t be able to do this without my dogs. They love it so much that it makes me happy that I can give them something so simple that brings them such joy. Hilarious enough – they’re little fashion mavens. I swear to GOD they recognize anything Lululemon and as soon as it comes out, THEY GO CRAZY because they know it’s run time (I’m so proud).


3. I’m still hungry all the freaking time. I made a cheesecake… from scratch this weekend.. crust and all. What is going on??? I don’t know how to stop the sugar beast. For now, I’m giving in. 

Mileage recap for the week: 14.4 + Tuesday yoga + Friday spin

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