Half Marathon Training: Week 6

About half way through my half training and I don’t really have any updates that are out of the ordinary. Mother Nature is really making regret choosing to live in a northern climate, never in my life have I wanted to live somewhere warm and dry so badly. I’m pretty sick of having to work my training schedule around the weather. It’s hard enough to fit it all in!


That being said…

I ran an awesome 4 miles in the Metroparks with my two lovely coworkers. JPC was awesome and hauled my workout gear and the pups over to the office so I could go with them. The dogs FREAKED about getting some Metropark time and loved every minute of it.

I snuck my way into a spin class even though I was waitlisted on Friday morning…and was able to get the one seat from the rider that didn’t show. WIN!

I didn’t run on Thursday because of the rain and I was too lazy to bring myself back out to the gym, but I did try to make up some lost mileage on my Saturday..so instead of running the suggested 5k, I ran a nice 5 miles with the pups.

Some interesting things I’ve learned from running so far:

My dogs know the day of the week. Every Saturday they wake up and run around the house like little lunatics until I muster up enough energy (read: coffee) to get us out of the house. They really do live for the weekend.

I haven’t lost any weight since training, but just over the last few days people have really started commenting on how different my body looks -how thin I look. I’ve heard it from several people and am loving every minute of it. SO, it’s true – muscle does weigh more than fat and toning is an actual real thing ūüėȬ†

I can relate with this hilarious BuzzFeed article on 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has Had 

Total miles for the week: 12 miles + 1 spin class

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