Half Marathon Training: Week 7

The weeks are flying by and from here on out I increase my long runs by a mile each to hit my 10 miler the week before the race. Intensity is picking up and the dogs (and I) are feeling it.

Brief recap of notes:

– I can’t believe I haven’t told you about this – but I’VE HAD AN EYE TWITCH SINCE TRAINING BEGAN. I’m highly annoyed and starting to get concerned. Twitch, Twitch. A doctor’s appointment may be in order…. ((what’s wrong with me?!))


– Thursday I went furniture shopping with JPC… we’re looking for a new sectional. SIDE BAR: Why are sofas so expensive? I felt too much like Kristen Wigg in Bridesmaids, left 4 stores highly disappointed, and slammed a 12 pack of taco bell tacos with JPC to stifle my feelings… Oh yea, I also skipped my run.

– Saturday’s weather was fantastic – I ran just over 6 miles and kept a fantastic pace the whole time. I kept a 8:30 pace for 2 of my 6 miles…which is basically flying for me. I hope I start to look like a gazelle soon…

Other than my taco extravaganza there are no worthwhile desserts to report on…don’t worry, I’m sure I replaced my calories accordingly ūüėČ

Total miles: 12.75 + Friday Spin

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