Half Marathon Training: Week 8

Happy Easter & Happy Rest Day (praise Jesus… in more ways than one).

This week things really started to feel different. I ran my furthest distance ever – 7 miles and couldn’t have done it without my awesome work team!

I swapped out my long-run day for Friday instead of Saturday and met up with several people from my office for a run to work and wear lululemon at the office kind of Friday! Running 7 miles with my team on a route I’ve never seen before was really helpful in tackling my latest distance success. Not knowing how far we had to go and chit-chatting with some of my favorite people made the 1:15 run fly by! We chowed on a great team breakfast at the office, worked the day away (lunched on a VERY SERIOUS pizza) and kicked off the weekend!

Saturday I was able to grab a spin class (something I typically do at 6:30am on Fridays) and then was able to indulge in a mimosa brunch with CleShopaholic, her hubby and two of my other gal pals!

I can say that the run felt great – it was slow and steady, but I felt like I could keep going… keep going nearly double the distance? Probably not… but I’m feeling more and more confident. I just can’t believe I’m less than 30 days to race!

Bring it on to today – about a million deviled eggs later and I think I’m officially replenished from a calorie standpoint. How was your Easter weekend?

Total Mileage for the week: 17.4 + Saturday Spin

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