Half Marathon Training: Week 9

Oh my lord it has been a week! I have SO MANY training things to tell you! 

First, I was suppose to run 5 miles on Monday – easy peasy after a 7 miler on Friday, right?! WRONG. This was literally the worst run of my life. I ALMOST STARTING CRYING IN THE STREET. It was so bad I gave up. I called JPC and had him come and pick me and the dogs up. I actually thought about not running the half marathon. My coworker sent me the video below and yes, I looked like these ladies after a 12 minute pace at 4 miles. KILL ME. (Spoiler alert: it was PMS, I’m actually still fine at running)

Tuesday! Same coworker (Nikki, she’s my life accountability buddy) did yoga in our video studio at work. We happened about Yoga with Adriene and SHE’S AWESOME and so cute and has a lovely soothing voice!! Do her yoga now. 

Wednesday – Nikki, my life accountability buddy made me run to my run. We ran the Cleveland bridges with Harness, the most awesome spin studio – rock on!

Blah blah blah…more running, some spinning at said awesome spin studio… 

Saturday! I ran 10 FUCKING MILES. I was only suppose to do 8 miles. But I figured- do our die, let’s see if we can actually do this. So, I ran bandit in the Cleveland Hermes 10 miler and ended up with a perfectly timed average pace of 10:00, exactly what I’m hoping to do for the half. I was however passed by: A man in PJs, a visibly pregnant woman and several dads with strollers. Do you know what that’s called? HUMILITY. I did it though! I feel awesome. (can you tell?)

Total Mileage for the week: 22.98 miles + Tuesday Yoga + Friday Spin… BOOM

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