Aerial Yoga

My fabulous friend Rachael is probably the fittest gal I know. She’s a yoga pro and does ALL OF THE PILATES. When she told me about her aerial yoga class that she’s been regularly going to I knew it had to be good and the other night, she brought me as her plus 1! 


I couldn’t wait to try it out – I was expecting to feel very cirque du soleil and super relaxed. Instead, this class was hard as hell and I probably looked like a drunk baby giraffe for 80% of it. All that being said, I finally got the hang of it and my abs are SORE today.


I couldn’t believe how exhilarating it felt to swing around upside down (even if my hands were disgustingly sweaty from pure terror of failing and knocking my teeth out). With all the running I’m doing I feel like one tightly wound rope and by using the silk cocoon you can really get into some deep stretches. I’d LOVE to work this class into my regular workout routine. Anyone else try it? What do you think?

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