Half Marathon Training: Week 10

A day late… whoops! It was too fun of a weekend to worry about blogging 😉 The week’s are flying by – I’ve altered my training a bit to move my longer weekday run from Monday’s to Wednesday’s since I get to Run the Bridges downtown with my Spin studio. Having a group to run with makes the run go much faster.

For my long long run I ended up tackling 8 miles on Saturday with the dogs in the way late afternoon after having too much fun (AKA tequila) on Friday night. While I knew I wouldn’t be celebrating Cinco de Mayo I was able to celebrate Dos de Mayo with some of my favorite ladies! 


Two of my gal pals have already completed a half marathon and insisted that I drink more tequila, leave my car and then stay out much too late having a hilarious time drinking wine and being naughty while playing Cards Against Humanity. They figured a long run to sweat it out would be the perfect medicine (thank god it was!)

This week is my second to last training week and my last week that includes a long run that isn’t… A HALF MARATHON. 

Total Mileage for the week: 19.23 miles + Tuesday’s Aerial Yoga + Friday Spin

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