Half Marathon Training: Week 11

My last week of training and I’m DAYS LATE on recapping it for you… I’m terrible!! 

I typically like to write these posts on my glorious Sunday rest day, but with Mother’s Day being this past Sunday I did little resting… but it was fantastic so it’s allll good. 


((Doge tank here))

So, this week makes it feel super official. I’ve made it — next Sunday I WILL RUN A HALF MARATHON. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so crazy – I ran a 10 miler in one of our beautiful parks all by myself and it wasn’t all that hard. I wasn’t all that sore after either. MY BODY IS READY (isn’t that from some movie, but in a way more sexual context?). When I think back to my decision to run this race… aka I’m almost 30 and everyone is getting married and having babies so I’ll just run this thing decision, I can’t believe how quickly these 11 weeks have flown by, and just how much you can change your body and your mind if you stick to a schedule. 

Anyway – a quick rundown of the week!

Running the Bridges is still really helping me crush out my weekday 6 miles, it’s so much easier to run with a group, built-in accountability! 

Thursday I skipped my 3 miler to celebrate a new restaurant in town instead. Two time James Beard nominee Jonathon Sawyer is opening a new Italian restaurant on the Eastside and to celebrate the opening worked with MOCA to create a piece of public-built art to hang in the restaurant. From there, JPC and I headed to a fab patio to eat all of my favorite things.


Spoiler Alert – 4 glasses of Rose and raw fish feels terrible the next morning at a 6:30am spin class… it also smells horrible coming out of your pores (sorry ladies who were close to me!)

Saturday – My 10 miler was great – it was a beautiful morning in one of CLE’s many parks. I saw a deer, a million chipmunks and I think a Herron. I also saw a million supportive and motivated runners/bikers/walkers who all said good morning 🙂 


Mother’s Day… was the ultimate caloric recovery. We hosted JPC’s family for a build your own Belgium waffle bar then headed to my family’s for a homemade pasta party. CARB CITY, PEOPLE. It was delicious and glorious. 


Total Mileage for the week: 19.27 miles + Tuesday Yoga with Adrienne at Home + Friday Spin

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