I did it. This past beautiful Sunday morning I ran 13.1 miles in my first ever half marathon. I pushed myself harder than I ever thought I could to become a runner. 


The path was such a mix of emotions, but overall, such an amazing experience. I ENJOY going on runs now. My dogs are happier and healthier… and so am I! They also recognize the power of Lululemon and know that it means a run is quickly approaching.

I set myself a goal of 2:15 and beat it by 2 minutes with a final race time of 2:13. The adrenaline I experienced was unbelievable. 


I was lucky enough to run my first two miles with my coworker, Nikki before she had to split off on the 10k route. From there I met a guy running the full – we ran together for about 4 miles and a great pace and the time FLEW by. We chatted about our dogs, our fitness, our significant others and our jobs… you can talk about a lot in 40 minutes 😉 


Along the route JPC’s family cheered me not once, but TWICE – popping up at both mile 8 and mile 10. This was such a great help to keep me motivated and moving towards the finish line. 

I met two sisters and finished off the race with them for miles 10-13, which were all on the highway, all on a very slight incline. Chatting with them was a great distraction to get to the finish. 

Just before the finish I saw my coworker Lauren… then Nikki…then JPC and my family. I nearly burst into tears at the amazing support from all of these AMAZING people that I love so much. I’ve never felt luckier.


After, I chugged a beer in the beer garden then quickly headed over to my favorite neighborhood brunch spot for a serious CoNo blended brunch: 


I then went home, showered and binged on as much RHONY that I could handle before passing out for a nap. It was quite the day. I’m proud to say that I’ll continue my running…but most likely spare you from these humble-braggy updates 😉

Thanks for following along on this journey with me… I can’t forget to express my gratitude to you dear readers – who have inspired me, helped me and pushed me over the past few months. We made it.


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