Why I Wrote A Crazy Engagement Ring Post

Do you remember back to my very close to Valentine’s Day post titled, Engagement Rings for Every Style? I’m sure you do – it was LITERALLY one of my most read posts ever. 

The only reason I can think it was so popular was because you all thought I was having a real life meltdown. Hurry! Look! The girl who claims she isn’t sold on the idea of marriage just wrote a post on engagement rings right before the biggest love holiday of the year AND her birthday. She must be begging for that JPC dude of hers to propose. 

Well guess what bitches, for once in my whole life I did something on this blog for someone other than myself. I wrote that post for my best friend. 

She bitched and moaned every step of the way. In fact I think her exact words to her boyfriend were, ‘Why does Nadine want this? What do 3 single women in their late twenties even know about perfect engagement rings?’ Well, the truth is we don’t know anything… and that’s the point. 

Just prior to that post going up, my best friend’s boyfriend called me to tell me he was going to propose to my best friend. He was going to marry her. He asked that I help him pick out the right ring. AWESOME, I thought. Until my boss told me, NO! You don’t want to be responsible for that kind of style choice. ‘What if she hates it?’, she said. Hot damn, she was right. I didn’t want that hanging over my head. 

Instead I thought, I’d convince Jen and Lauryn that I needed their stylistic expertise to help me with a blog post… on engagement rings. I’d have Jen tell me exactly what she wanted her engagement ring to look like without even knowing that she was giving me her actual engagement ring. 

I wasn’t worried about her blowing off the assignment for one minute, because she is THE MOST TYPE A PERSON I have ever met. Like I mentioned above, she hated every minute of it – bitched and moaned until my deadline and then passed over the holy grail of images and descriptions right on time like I knew she would.

BOOM – Nick had everything he needed to get a custom ring designed exactly as Jen would have it imagined. Mission accomplished.

A few months later, my best friend got engaged on a beach in Mexico to the love of her life. We Facetimed, and I’ve never been happier for the girl I love more than anything too.

So, there you have it guys – I’m not totally obsessed with getting married, but I am totally on board for doing what I need to do for the people I love.

I can’t wait to see her walk down that aisle and spend forever with a guy that I love too. He’s ripped, tan and awesome. He asked that I include this photo of him so you can all see how hot he is after he hits the gym:

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