Getting The Glow

A little over a week ago I hosted a spray tan party thanks to an invite from VersaSpa, a trend setting company that develops sunless tanning systems in our favorite tanning salons all over the country.


I haven’t been this excited for an invitation in awhile – mostly because I think this brings me the closest to feeling like a Real Housewife cast member than anything I’ve ever done before. Those bitches are ALWAYS having spray tan parties. 


So, I get together with a handful of my favorite girlfriends, roll into the salon after work to kick off our weekend with some shopping, drinks courtesy of a babe bartender and last but not least- our spray tans. 

Of course, with my bossy and fabulous set of friends there was quite a variety of feelings – some gals were spray tan pros and pumped to get bronzed, and others were afraid we’d end up like this: 


Spoiler alert – we didn’t. We ended up leaving bronzed and glowing all over. It would be a lie if I told you I didn’t stare at myself naked in the mirror for a few minutes the next morning.


So, some spray tan tips for all of you ladies:

– Exfoliate beforehand. Shave and exfoliate for premier application, this will prevent you from getting streaky or from the spray tan rubbing off in strange patterns.

– The amount of time you wait to shower AFTER your spray has everything to do with how dark your tan with develop. I of course, decided to wait until the morning because I wanted to be as dark as possible, but if you want a more subdued look – you can shower as soon as 4 hours after your tan. 

– Use some product! VersaSpa gave all of us a new set of their SunlessPRO products that help extend the life of your spray tan and they work. I’m a total beauty product whore, so I couldn’t wait to test them out – but some of my other gal pals didn’t follow suit and my tan lasted much longer and looked better while it lasted! 


Giveaway Time! 

Want to win a spray tan for yourself? I have one free spray tan to give away courtesy of VersaSpa. All you have to do is tweet ‘I want to win a @VersaSpa spray tan http://bit.ly/1kb6v9Z thanks to @NadineNocero’ and I’ll choose a random winner on 6/13. *Open to US residents only*

Full disclosure: VersaSpa hosted my party and the giveaway. All opinions are my own. 

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