SUP – The Perfect Summer Workout

I finally got out on the lake to try Standup Paddle Boarding and it’s amazing! Accordingly to my US Weekly, that showcased celebs getting fit on the boards (THEY’RE JUST LIKE US!), you can burn up to 700 calories an hour while getting a great tan 😉


You can definitely feel the burn in your abs, butt and thighs from balancing and my arms were on fire from paddling around – but it is so fun and still simple enough that you can enjoy the view without wishing your workout to end.


The only time I fell in the water was when I decided to put my paddle down and try some yoga on the board – which is insanely hard, but it’s unreal staring up a perfectly blue sky while in full wheel. Working on my balancing poses on the board is something that needs major practice, but I really look forward to taking a SUP class next.

Have you tried SUP? Let me know what you think!

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