Spotted: Brazilian + Thong Bikinis

Ok, maybe World Cup is giving everyone Brazilian fever, but last weekend at the beach, IN OHIO, I spotted quite a few Brazilian and thong cut bikinis. 

I mean, I’m not one to be considered prude – I’ve laid out at my fair share of European beaches topless, but I was pretty surprised to see this trend meet the Midwest.

All of that being said – I WANT ONE. I mean, for Vegas, Miami, NYC Rooftop pools… this is perfect. Do I have enough guts to rock at my local beach… I’m not sure. 

I’m going to work through a couple extra squats, pick one up and probably rock it next weekend at my first Bachelorette Party in Memphis. (advance warning, world!) Testing it while out of town and full of champagne can only result in good things. Right? RIGHT.

So, what do you think of the trend? Are you on board? Are you running the another way? As my favorite tabloid likes to say – if you can’t tone it, tan it. As a big booty gal, tan it I will. 

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