What I Wore: Thigh Highs x Denim Shorts

The weather has been feeling a little less than summer-like lately. To spice up a Friday night look (and add some warmth) I added a pair of thigh highs to my denim shorts, paired with a Zara bootie.


I thought this would be a hot look for sure, I mean usually you’ll only catch a glimpse of the top of a thigh high in the bedroom, or a strip club if that’s where your proclivities lie. 

But when I put this look together and JP came home (carrying a case of wine, YES!) his face, then voice said otherwise. He thought the outfit was ridiculous and completely man-repelling. HE HATED IT. 


So, I did what I always do when I love something and he hates it – I let the internet decide, because you guys just get me. I posted up a quick Instagram that came back with rave reviews. So just like that, I was right, validated by the Internet and off we went for an evening of bar hopping. And while sometimes it’s important to dress for your man, it’s always more important to dress for yourself.

Get The Look: Top (similar) / ShortsThigh Highs / Booties (similar) 

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