Travel Talk: Taking On Memphis

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had a rockin’ few days in Memphis, Tennessee celebrating a bride-to-be a few weekends ago. I have to say, never on my own would I have said to myself ‘I CAN’T WAIT TO SPEND ALL OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY ON A MEMPHIS VACATION!’ that being said, I’m glad my girlfriend that I love dearly is so Elvis and Southern Culture obsessed. Because I did in fact, spend all my hard earned money on a Memphis vacation, and it was pretty bad ass. 


So, it turns out, I’m also pretty Elvis obsessed. He was a freakin’ smoking hot babe. He wore fantastic clothes. JUMPSUITS. CAPES. JEWELS. What’s not to love? As I toured through Graceland I could totally imagine myself as a teen in the 50’s literally wrestling on the living room floor for his attention, because apparently he used to do that. I mean, if you’re going to be regularly objectified and forced to wrestle to sleep with a celebrity, I’m going to say, at least make sure he’s The King. 


What’s also amazing about the south – their food. I ate my face off. Thank god I hit 2 spin classes before the trip and had a sweaty 6 mile run nearly immediately after I got home. Everything is fried, everything is delicious, everything will almost kill you. I didn’t really eat any vegetables for 4 days. 


Worth noting? Southern hospitality is real. Men, women and children all have manners. It’s mostly why I don’t fit in. I swear like a sailor and dress slightly inappropriately (just to keep you guessing!) whenever I have the chance. While yes, I do always expect a door to be held open, I don’t except such… NICENESS all the time, but it was there. As an Italian and a clear northerner, I stuck out like a sore thumb, but that didn’t stop all of the compliments from all of those sweet southern gents. FACT: I loved every.single.pickup line.


If this post inspired you to get some southern lovin’ here are some must-dos: 


Rendezvous – Get the ribs. Get the brisket. Get the potato salad for 4 even if there are only 3 of you. It sounds weird, but get the beans. Definitely get the beans. THEY’RE EVERYTHING.

Flight – a cute concept where all dishes (and wine) are served in flights of 3. This is great if you’re looking for some fancy shmancy white linen dining.

Beauty Shop – a former beauty shop that still uses parlor chairs for seating. Go for brunch.


Blind Bear – make sure you get the password ahead of time before visiting this speakeasy (usually shared on Twitter). 

Alchemy – Get the watermelon tequila martinis. Get lots of them. 


Graceland – Because, Elvis. Always. Glitz, glamour, jumpsuits. GO! 

The National Civil Rights Museum – Built into the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. King was assassinated, we spent 4 hours in this unbelievably beautiful museum. Don’t miss it. I have to say this was my big surprise of the trip – I really enjoyed it and was in awe over, well, just about everything. 

Sun Studios – Kind of a cheesy tour, but also an awesome photo opp to channel more Elvis.. and imagine some Johnny Cash.. because he’s a babe too. But seriously, this is the birthplace of Rock n Roll and amazing musicians still make the pilgrimage to record in the studio that is exactly preserved from when Elvis recorded there. Audiophiles rejoice. 

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