Wild Card Prep: iLTHY Indians

I’d be a complete liar if I pretended to know a damn thing about sports. Or, as I like to call them SPORTS! But I do know fashion and I couldn’t resist and opportunity to shoot in this fab iLTHY jersey that is about to drop ANY MINUTE NOW.


So, something something baseball… something something wild card games. You can expect to see me at the Thirsty Parrot chugging shandies screaming at Onion to drop her purse so she can finally win that 7th inning stretch condiment run (She has the BEST eyelashes, but isn’t much of an athlete). See you at the ballgame 😉

Check out iLTHY’s latest online here and don’t forget to peep their new store in Lakewood when it opens in just a few short weeks. 

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