What’s in My Bag? My Latest Beauty Haul

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you all on any recent beauty purchases. Well, I’ve just been saving them up so I can hit you with 3 big deals – two for your face and one for your hair. 

Guess what gentlemen readers? The face ones you can use as well. This isn’t just about the ladies today.


So, let’s start with this WILD face mask I had shipped from China. It goes on LIKE TAR. It’s terrifying and you’ll want to be really really careful. Don’t get any in your hair or eyebrows. You let it sit for about 10 minutes and then peel the whole thing off like you’re in some weird sci-fi movie. It will take away all of your blackheads. China is pretty much the land of dirt and smog (sorry, not sorry… I blew black shit out of my nose for 10 days straight when I was there) so, they know what’s up when it comes to getting pollutants out of their skin. Also, I found it on some supermodel’s instagram feed so it has to be the real deal. So, reap the benefits and snag some on Amazon for cheap, just be prepared for it to take like 2 months to arrive. Then you too can take hilar-town photos like this (Send them to me please.)


Next up – Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peels. My girlfriend Danni – who basically owns an entire Sephora store in her bathroom told me all about these bad boys. While they don’t do the trick for me when it comes to fixing my wrinkles, obvi, it’s why I got Botox, they do really help to smooth my skin and even out my skin tone. I’m kind of obsessed. Another good sign? I found out my gal pal Holly also swears by them and after drinking our body weight in rosé while I was staying with her in Chicago, we laid in bed and just worked our peels. Girl time bonding at it’s best. Warning, they’re pricey, but I LOVE them. Anything for youth… right?!


Last up. My new go-to for dry shampoo. Let’s be real clear about something, I’m a dirt bag. I hate taking showers, washing my hair, bla bla bla. It just takes so much damn time! So, I try to only wash my hair like twice per week… again anything for youth and I think it keeps my locks hydrated (hopefully true). Whatever, I asked my coworker, who can appreciate my dirt bagness for some recos and she told me to turn up with this dry shampoo and it’s fancy little brush. It’s made for dark haired gals and works great. I don’t look like I have a weird white scalp compared to some of the others. There is also no weird smell. So, buy it now and embrace the filth with me

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